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I'm taking the MCATs on Jan 31st, keep me in your prayers!

Blueberry Pie

We had a party for my uncle and his new wife on Friday, so I decided to make blueberry pie from scratch. It took the whole day, but it was worth it because it came out great! I was worried about the crust, it's the hardest part, and you don't want it to come out dense and heavy. But thank God, it was flaky and delicious. Here are some pics (my uncle felt the need to stick his finger in it, for some reason, and blame my ten year old brother, lol):


After my family got to it:

What happened, man? You used to be cool.

Former screen siren Bardot convicted in race case
June 3, 2008, 8:24 AM EST

A Paris court on Tuesday convicted Brigitte Bardot of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing that Muslims are destroying France.

The court also handed down a $23,325 fine against the former screen siren and animal rights campaigner.

A leading French anti-racism group known as MRAP filed a lawsuit last year over a letter she sent to then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. The remarks were published in her foundation's quarterly journal.

In the December 2006 letter to Sarkozy, now the president, Bardot said France is "tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts."

She was referring to the Muslim feast of Aid el-Kebir, celebrated by slaughtering sheep.

French anti-racism laws prevent inciting hatred and discrimination on racial or religious or racial grounds. Bardot had been convicted four times previously for inciting racial hatred.

Copyright 2008 Associated Press.

Six Flags

Today was so much fun! My friends and I all went to Six Flags. Word of advice: the best time to go to a theme park is in April. Within ten minutes we went on both Batman and Nitro. No lines at all: amazing. Also, I broke a record, we went on all the roller coasters, and some twice: over twenty, all front row. My throat hurts from all the screaming.

I realized that one of the moments in life that I am at my most happiest is when I'm plummeting on a roller coaster.

 Happy birthday to my favorite Bollywood actress, Rani Mukherjee!

I can't wait to see her and Saif in Kunal Kohli's newest film.

And while I'm at it, here are some nice articles on my favorite Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman:



I finally watched Atonement last night. It was really good, sweet and sad, and I cannot stress enough how sexy James McAvoy is, but the book was better...same for The Other Boleyn Girl, though Natalie was, of course, amazing. I think there has been only one case where I liked a movie better than the book it was based on, and that was A Walk to Remember. 

I feel very grateful right now

I found this video on a website about a man who bought an out of service plane in India and charges people to come inside and have the experience of being on a flight. At first you think, "Wow, he's ripping people off," but then you realize he's doing it for children and people who are too poor to even buy shoes and have never been on a plane before...they pay to catch a glimse of it. The look of happiness and wonder on one boy's face brought me to tears...I am so lucky I have everything I need and so much more. 

So today we have to set our clocks ahead one hour, Spring Break is (almost) here, and I woke up with the blanket thrown off. You know what that makes me think of? That's right, summer.

Summer always gets me so nostalgic. I start thinking of Al-Rahmah summer camp, road trips, playing in the sprinkler, gardening, barbeques, blockbuster movies, popsicles, sleepovers, Sam's Club, sandals, out-of-state relatives, Disney World, mango lassi, graduation parties, weddings...the list goes on and on. 

This summer I've applied to many internships, we have my Uncle's wedding in Chicago to go to, after which my dad is planning a train trip to California, I plan on learning some Arabic and French, as well as having tons of sleepovers with Bollywood movies and my cousins, and my mom has promised me a road trip to Orlando. I'll take MCAT classes (because that never ends), I want to go swimming every weekend, and help out at Al-Rahmah/ Taqwa summer camp, and attend weekly halaqas. Oh, and this is an Olympics summer! The last A-Man-A-Beard one was so much fun.

I know I have a lot to get through (the hell known as finals, when I feel like throwing myself off the library balcony)....but not really. I only have a week and a half of school in March, then April. May 1st is the last day of classes. So the countdown has officially begun :)

Spring break, wooh!

I can't believe it's been a year since my last Spring Break. I keep saying it and I'll say it again- time is flying by for me now that I'm in college. Last week at school was hell with all my Microbiology exams and lab practicals. And I have a stupid Physics lab report due on Friday.

This random, but I have really been craving Southern food lately, like battered fries, chicken fried steak, cheesy biscuits, gravy....I need to stop. Or go to Texas. Come to think of it, I've been craving a vacation down South, too.

I slept until 2:45 today. And it felt really good.

The Olsen twins looked so cute at the Chanel Fashion Week show in Paris:

I love those glasses!

I also love Drake Bell, and this movie seems hilarious: